Don’t be stagnant

I heard this from someone sitting next to me at a coffee shop who was talking to one of their friends.  This person seemed very wise and like he had many experiences, mistakes, misfortunes, good times, and prosperity under his belt – someone who I could sit and listen to their wisdom for hours.  But instead I eavesdropped for a minute or two and heard him say that.  What a simple thing to say, but how great is that?

I have a strong love for the moon (thanks to my wonderful grandma) and every time I see it I feel better about life.  I overheard ‘don’t be stagnant’ a couple days before I woke up to this:


In this picture it looks pretty clearly like the sun, but when I was walking to the bus and I saw this (probably partly because I was still not fully awake) I honestly thought for a couple of minutes that it was the moon.  That quote (don’t be stagnant) came into my head and seeing this beautiful sunrise (which I thought was the moon) just reminded how important it is to keep heading in the direction you want to be going in – even if it is a slow pace – just don’t be stagnant!

It is hard to stay on top of stuff for The Joints, or do as much as I want to do for them, when I am working a full time job, getting five or so hours of sleep a night, making dinners and lunches, cleaning, and working out, but I just have to remember to keep on trucking and do things for the band whenever possible – then I am still working on a goal, even if it isn’t going as fast as I would like it to be.

It is so important to find the time to do the things you want to be doing and not waste all of your time on the things you have to be doing.  I have figured out how to fit in some extra time to start working out again, I can readjust my schedule some more to make sure I fit in time each week to keep working on The Joints, even if it is just updating this blog each week.  This blog helps me remember why I do what I do and reminds me to keep working on my goals – don’t let them get away from me.

Mmk that’s all for now – I am sitting at The Laughing Goat listening to a few of my favorite musicians play so I think I’ll listen for a while.

As for the recipe of the week I have chosen Chicken Chimichangas.  This is a go to for B and myself when we need a quick easy delicious dinner.  This recipe is even easier if you have leftover chicken, or if you buy a rotisserie chicken and shred up some meat off of that.  You can check out the recipe here:

Until next time,

~Trying to stay awake~


“Falling down is a part of life…

…getting back up is living.” – Jose N Harris

This quote doesn’t have a lot to do with my blog post today, I just love the emotions that quote can bring out.   It turns a fairly cliche saying into something that actually has emotion and brings feeling to it and can really make someone think about what the quote is trying to say.

So I was listening to someone talk the other day about what they do and they are part of a multi-level-marketing travel business, kind of like Avon except with travel instead of makeup.  It works great for them because this person is passionate about travel so ‘selling’ the product to other people isn’t work, it’s just sharing the passion.  It all sounds great on the outside because this person gets to travel all the time for cheap, they only work part time, they get to talk to people and make big bucks while doing it.  It seems to really work for this person and I can understand the appeal of wanting to join, except it’s definitely not for me – travel is not something I can get excited enough about that I want to ‘sell’ it to other people.
Which got me thinking about work and passion.  Some people are lucky enough, like the person I just described, to make a living doing what they love – others (like me and many people I know) have a day job to pay the bills and do what they are passionate about outside of work.  It would be so great to be able to combine these two but also, maybe it’s OK to have it be separate as well.  It’s OK to go to a ‘day job’ and get your check every certain amount of weeks and know that it will pay your bills, that way when you are doing what you are passionate about you don’t have to worry about it being successful right away.  It takes the pressure out of it and keeps the passion and fun in it.  When I step back and can look at the big picture and realize things like this, it definitely makes me appreciate my day job much more.  And then I feel like if what you are passionate about ever does become so successful that you do make money from it, it is that much more sweet.

It also makes me realize though how many people may have started with a passion and either did it as their job or had a day job and did it on the side but life got so in the way that their passion fizzled and all they have are the day to day parts of life – eat, sleep, clean, work – I hope that I am with a passionate enough person and that I can stick with my passion long enough that even if my current passion fades away I remember how important it is to be passionate about something and pursue another passion of mine.  I think if we all focused just a little more on our passions and just a little less on our day jobs we would live in a much more beautiful world…
Well, I will leave you with that as I head to my day job so that I can continue to pay for the internet so that I can continue to write this blog:)

As for my recipe of the week I am going to choose Linguini Lasagna that I found on a blog called ‘Busy in Brooklyn’ – you can find the recipe here:  It fed myself and four of my hungry roommates so it makes plenty of food!  I love it because you can customize however you want and it still tastes delicious – o and it’s super easy too!

Until next time

~Remembering to stay passionate~

“You can dream about it or…”

…You can go out and make it happen.”

Such a simple quote, but it rings true for me right now with not being afraid to fail and not just standing by while my dreams float by me.  It is weird when you start thinking about new things how something falls into your lap that keeps you motivated to keep going in the direction of your goals.
We had someone stay on our couch a few nights this past week – she is an independent filmmaker from Toronto doing a documentary on the creative process and how it can help with healing in any aspect – less pain, more happiness, etc.  We ended up talking to her for a really long time one night in the kitchen (good conversations always happen in the kitchen – where there are no comfy places to sit!) and basically it just reminded me that I’m not crazy for going down my own path and trying to do things my own way.
For a few different reasons I thought I was going to keep my personal life as inconspicuous in this blog as possible, but in order to head in the direction of my goals I think I need to bring it openly to the blogosphere.  The jazz group I work with are The Joints based out of Boulder, CO and they released their first album in December of last year.  I have worked with them to release the album and do as much online promotion as possible.  We have had our ups and downs and our occasional lulls in the past year but I am realizing I love doing this and I want to give it my all.
It is easy when you are heading down a path less traveled to feel like you are alone and that maybe all your hard work is for nothing – sometimes it does seem easier to just settle down and find an office job to work in ‘forever’ and while I may still have an office job I want to be pursuing my creative passions on the side.

The woman staying with us was such a breath of fresh air – she worked in the ‘corporate’ film world for quite a while, and then decided it was time for her to put her own stamp on the film world – hence the documentary.  Talking to her just got my creative juices flowing again and helped me realize if you love what you do (whether it’s your job job or your after work activity) that it is never in vain.  You have to do what you love even if it’s a more difficult path (let’s be honest, it’s always a harder path when you are trying to do what you are passionate about).

It got me thinking about an Art Collective – how random was it that I just happened to have a several hour conversation in my kitchen with a woman from Toronto who finally decided to fully dive in and chase her goals after, according to her ,”too long.”  It’s nice to talk to like minded people from time to time and I know there are so many more like minded people in the world – how great would it be to connect all of them in one place – promote each other, bounce new ideas off of each other – no matter what discipline of the arts/creative world they were diving into.

I took many things from the conversation but the biggest take home point was to keep going – don’t give into the masses and continue to head in the direction you want to take – even if it isn’t the ideal path everyone else wants you to take.
So I have dreamed about it, now it’s time to go out and make it happen.  I just need to take it a step at a time and know I am making a different – even it’s only a difference for me!
If you want to check out who The Joints are and see what they’ve done so far you can do so at

Also, I think I’m going to incorporate a weekly recipe into this blog – to not only share the great recipes my boyfriend and I cook but to also keep us accountable to cook during the week!  This week we failed and my recipe of the week is Kraft Mac & Cheese… we have been so scattered that (besides the Spinach Salad from last week that we cooked again a couple nights ago) that is the only thing we have cooked all week; the other nights we either didn’t eat (terrible I know!) or went to Noodles & Co.  I’ll work on having an actual recipe for everyone next week:)
Until next time
~Music Manager in Training~

“An Essential Aspect of Creativity…

…. is not being afraid to fail”

Let’s be honest – I’m horrified to fail but let me tell you a funny story that is the start of taking that first scary step…

So I graduated almost two years ago with a degree in music business and I applied for numerous jobs and had great contacts but nothing came through, so I worked at Starbucks for a while and then I found an office job in Boulder.  It was safe and easy and after being turned down so many times I was happy with that.  Then my boyfriend started a jazz band and asked if I would help him with putting together and getting out his album – obviously I said yes and definitely helped him and his band but I still felt like I wasn’t doing anything creative or ‘outside the box.’  I just recently spent about three months trying to get a job at a local music company that had just opened up their own theater and I thought I was so going to get the job – I put a lot of effort into it and felt like I really gave it my all to get this job – low and behold though “they didn’t have a position for me.”

I started feeling like maybe the universe was telling me that music just wasn’t my thing until I had a heart to heart with my boyfriend about the situation.  Basically he said I am so afraid to fail doing something on my own that I try to hide behind the cover of an organization and being someones “assistant” to feel like I’m doing something.  He gave me several ideas on things I should try and basically told me to not give up on music just yet.  A few more weeks went by and I didn’t really do anything on the subject and the stupidest thing started pulling me out of my rut.
I went to get some info on a workout called Pure Barre and afterwards decided to buy some new workout clothes to motivate me to start working out again and while I’m trying on all these workout clothes I have this thought “I wish I could wear workout clothes ALL the time.”  We all have our own ways of getting motivated and it turns out that was mine – I want to be able to make money and wear workout clothes while I’m doing that so I have to give this band manager thing an actual shot.
I am sitting at The Laughing Goat right now while the band I work for plays and while I sit around and watch the audience I realize that people actually like this music – people of all ages and personalities!  How silly to say, I know, because I LOVE the music, but I also love one of the band members so that is kind of a given.  People actually come to this place on this specific Tuesday to watch them play.  It gives me an extra boost of motivation to start going all in.

I have started writing down goals for the band (which I will share once they are complete) as well as myself and I have to just keep reminding myself that it is way better to try and fail at something then to be too afraid to try in the first place.  This goes with anything, but specifically for me this goes with creativity.  I am surrounded by so many wonderful creative people who are here to support me and I want to start being a part of the community not just apart from the community.

I am beginning to ponder upon how sad it is how many people go their whole lives not doing what they want to do because they are afraid – I refuse to be one of those people.  Let the journey begin:)

P.S. On such a side note, one thing I have gotten over failing at is cooking and my boyfriend and I have been having so much fun cooking and trying new recipes together – if you like chicken and potatoes, you MUST try this recipe from the Martha Stewart website:Spinach Salad with Chicken and Crispy Potatoes