Speak Up. Believe In Yourself. Take Risks.

I woke up to this quote in my inbox this morning and it is very fitting for me today.  Things have changed a lot for me in the last two weeks as far as my ‘career’ has gone and I think it’s time for me to take this quote to heart.

Sometimes it’s more important to speak up – believe in yourself – and take risks then to sit at a job that is really bad.  So here I sit today – working on believing myself; yesterday I spoke up and said nay to a bad work environment; and tomorrow I will work on taking risks.

It’s not always about money or what you are doing on paper, it’s about standing up for yourself and being happy.  Sometimes the universe forces us to change in expected ways and I’m ready to take whatever the next step in my life is – here’s to taking risks:)




Road trip to Washington with cupcakes and beer? Now that is my idea of a vacation! #dreamingofvacation

Telluride Jazz Fest

Hey everyone!

So The Joints (the group I manage) have been selected to be a part of a competition to play at The Telluride Jazz Fest and I would love if you could help us out and vote for them!  Voting starts March 4 and ends on March 29 – you can vote once per day per platform on these two sites:

The Joints are just a really rad band who work their butts off to make great music for the people and I hope you will help them spread their awesomeness at the Telluride Jazz Fest!
You can check The Joints out at their website, their facebook page, and their twitter page.
Go team us!
Also – here is a cute picture of my boyfriends brothers puppy!