Telluride Jazz Fest

Hey everyone!

So The Joints (the group I manage) have been selected to be a part of a competition to play at The Telluride Jazz Fest and I would love if you could help us out and vote for them!  Voting starts March 4 and ends on March 29 – you can vote once per day per platform on these two sites:

The Joints are just a really rad band who work their butts off to make great music for the people and I hope you will help them spread their awesomeness at the Telluride Jazz Fest!
You can check The Joints out at their website, their facebook page, and their twitter page.
Go team us!
Also – here is a cute picture of my boyfriends brothers puppy!


Hanging out with the roomies doing some frolfing in Boulder – what a beautiful day

B was given a blank blue canvas and we did this with it:)


The awesome sunrise I saw coming out of the gym this morning – totally makes getting up worth it – think of all the people who slept a little bit longer and missed thsi beauty? Thank you nature for giving this to me this morning


Getting up on Saturday morning and working out isn’t always my favorite, but when I get to wake up to this? How can I complain?!?


The best music to listen to during rush hour? D’angelo and Quest Love


It is too cold to be up and at work already this morning! Wish I was still cuddled up in bed:)


“What we play is life”


Had a ton of fun at #Dazzle tonight listening to great music – you will be greatly missed Danny Meyer but you will do great in NY:)

“In the end…”

…we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” 

I was browsing on Facebook and came across a picture of Nastia Lukien and it was an ad for Ten Tree Apparel.  I decided to check out their website, and they plant ten trees for every merchandise item sold – how awesome is that?


“Tree planting is a way of restoring the environment, maintaining ecosystems, and making our world a healthier place to live.  This isn’t new; but what is new, is how we have used the concept of planting trees to inspire entrepreneurship, build sustainable communities, provide shelter and generally increase quality of life.”

I love coming across individuals and companies who are attune to our societies want for material items, while still doing something great for our planet.  It’s all about coming together – “small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world…”

They have awesome looking clothing too – I definitely want to purchase some of their stuff!  I hope you check out their website and get inspired and motivated too:)

~Inspired and sleepy~